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Distance of Planting and Creation , For Planting Jack Bean inter-cropping.

Jack Bean ( Koro Pedang)

Substitute Soy and Wheat for Food ingredients Livestock Feed and pharmaceutical industry, Versatile plant that can Improve Farmers' Income.


Jack Bean, in Indonesia language are - Koro Pedang (Canavalia Ensiformis) is a plant originating from South America / Central, this plant thrives and spreads in the tropics, in the international world of plants is known by the name of Jack Bean or Bean Horse, while in Indonesia known as the Peanut Padang, in some areas this plant is also known by the name; Kara Bedog, Mecca Nuts, Nuts Prasman, Koang (West Java) Bendo Koro, Koro Pedang, Krandang (Central Java) Ortel Kara, Kara Wedung (Madura) Peanut Wood (West Sumatra)

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